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Encantada - Valle Gran Rey

»  A very warm welcome to the ENCANTADA website!
Thanks again to all those who have supported the project and continue to do so.
Flyer der DVD-Release-Pary am 13.12.2006 »  It happened at last - the DVD Release Party on 13.12.2005 in Jimmy´s Bar "Etnico". During the last few weeks the film has been playing every Friday in "Club de Mar" (Vueltas), as well as Wednesdays & Sundays in "Etnico" (Playa). The film was even shown in the legendary "Tasca Paula". Several of the films participants presented themselves: Angelo (Schweinebucht), Rafael (El Amigo Cubano), Francois, Sylvia & Sven from the Restaurant "Casa Simon". Magic Nini arrived with his Charango guitar to perform his song "Oh, La Gomera". Even Heiner (the concept is that you don´t have one), Karin and the fire juggling artist Josh (seen in the title and fire show sequences) were there too. Some of those who were involved in the production and other helpers like Ulises Arturo Gomez Diaz, Kabir and many more were also present.

»  Some very interesting discussions came about. And yes, insensitive comments too, nice "critique": "I would have made the film differently!" Oh really! Let me put it this way: a film can only ever be subjective. It is simply not possible to bring so many different opinions and people together into one film. A film can only be as a small cut out in time. Or a sequence of as many pictures as possible and that in the shortest possible time span! There are so many different "worlds" in the Valle that it would require the planning of a few more films to cover ...

Vorbereitung neuer Filmprojekte, Foto: Bruno Dittrich Interview mit Ulises, Francisco und Maria
Preparing new projects,
Photo: Bruno Dittrich
Interview with Ulises,
Francisco and Maria
»  A new short film (or spontaneous reportage) called "Der Niedergang" came about. It deals with the sinking of a boat called the "Swagman" on 23rd January 2006. For years the boot was moored in Vueltas harbour. A "For Sale" sign hung on the tail - and while some played with the idea of buying, others decided just to play instead. Suddenly the "Swagman" was full of water! Thanks to the energetic intervention of some German harbour workers, the boat was towed out of the harbour in the nick of time. The Harbour Police certainly took their time in giving the necessary permissions ("Seguro, Seguro - no") but now, diving schools and marine biologists can look forward to witnessing the growth of a new artificial reef - wonderful!

The Swagman
The Swagman

»  An unfortunate accident happened during the first Soap-Box Race in Vueltas:

Soap-box race, Photo: Bruno Dittrich
Photo: Bruno Dittrich

»  I caught a fish too!

I caught a fish! Photo: Bruno Dittrich
Photo: Bruno Dittrich

Oliver Heck, Angelo, Rafael
Oliver Heck, Angelo, Rafael

Sven, der freundliche Koch  vom Casa Simon
Sven, the friendly
cook of the Casa Simon

Angelo beim täglichen Workout
Angelo during his
daily workout

Don Porrito und Don Trabajar
Don Porrito and Don Trabajar

Kenne ich Dich nicht aus dem Fernsehen?
Don't I know you
from the television?