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ENCANTADA - Valle Gran Rey / La Gomera

Spain/Germany 2005
16:9, Colour, Stereo, Running Time: 28:16
A film by Oliver Heck, after an idea by Helmward Pohl

The film "ENCANTADA - Valle Gran Rey" is Oliver Heckīs associative combination of picture & music composition, to described the life style found on the island. While fathoming the deep and lasting impression the island makes on people from all over the world, various characters come to word: DJ Aroma from Berlin, Magic Ninni the travelling musician or Angelo, a drop-out and perhaps one of the last hippies, among others.

"ENCANTADA - Valle Gran Rey" is an unconventional documentary film, rather the artists personal impression of the islandīs unique magnetism. Produced entirely by composer Oliver Heck on his powerbook computer, his atmospheric film merges the boundaries between film production, sound design and music composition. This, his first offering, is an example of what the new breed of multi-media artists can achieve single handedly.
(Text by Mark Bloemeke, www.4tel.li)

"ENCANTADA - Valle Gran Rey" is a powerful document of paradise lost. In his own unique style, the multi-media artist Oliver Heck portrays the inhabitants of one of the last resorts on the planet, where the idea of an alternative lifestyle still exists. He succeeds in holding and enthralling the audience while giving us a glimpse of the islandīs supernatural charm and magic. This is a jewel of a film and a truly impressive film-making debut.
(Text by Mark Nerlich)


DJ Aroma
DJ Aroma